SAT Practice Test Answers

SAT Critical Reading Practice Test Answers

1:D The passage describes the impact of the automobile on the social fabric of the country. Choices (A) and (E) make no sense, because the passage does not compare the automobile to anything, nor does it make mention of any ruling. Choices (B) and (C) are also inappropriate, because no controversy is mentioned, nor is there any mention of the problems brought up in Passage 2.

2:B The passage describes a series of problems caused by the prevalence of automobiles in Los Angeles. Choices (A) and (C) make no sense, because no hypothesis is presented. Choice (D) is incorrect because two trends are not compared. (E) is inappropriate because, although the automobile and oil companies are blamed for suppressing mass transit, the main thrust of the passage is to describe many of the negative aspects of the prevalent automobile culture.

3:E The growth of mass transit is being compared to the growth in population and in the number of automobiles. There is no mention of transit development elsewhere or in particular locales.

4:B An apologist is a person who makes a defense of an idea or belief. (A) is obviously wrong since Passage I presents only positive aspects of the automobile culture. (C), (D), and (E) cite minor details of the passage that are of limited significance.

5:A Passage A presents only positive aspects, and Passage 2 is thoroughly negative about the effects of automobiles. As a result, neither can be characterized as a careful analysis, and neither proposes any solutions to a problem. Nor are there any comparisons, although in Passage 2 there is an implicit suggestion that mass transit causes fewer of the problems mentioned.

SAT Mathematics Practice Test Answers

1:C To determine this, you must solve the given equation for x. Since 10x+2=7, we have , x=7-2/10=5/10=0.5and 2x = 1. Alternately, 10x=5 ; divide both sides by 5 to get 2x=1.

2:B If the first lap takes 50 seconds, the second one takes 20% more, or T2=1.2*T1=1.2*50=60 seconds, where T2 and T1 are the times required for the first and second laps, respectively. Similarly,T3=1.2*T2=1.2*60=72 seconds, the time required for the third lap. Add the times for the three laps: 50 + 60 + 72 = 182.

3:B Zero is the only number that gives the same result when multiplied or divided by a factor. In each case, the answer is zero.

4:E All of the other capital letters shown are symmetrical with respect to a horizontal axis drawn through the middle as in the H shown in the figure. Only Z is not symmetrical in this respect.

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