PSAT Practice Test Answers

PSAT Critical Reading Practice Test Answers

10:C The second paragraph of the passage notes that is up to one-third of people with peanut allergies have severe reactions. Since one-third is approximately 33%, (C) is the correct choice.

11:E The second paragraph of the passage notes that in 2008, Duke experts stated that they expect to offer treatment in five years. Five years from 2008 is 2013.

12:B The last sentence in paragraph five lists the cuisines in which one should watch for peanuts. Italian is not listed.

13:A The second sentence of the first paragraph states that peanut allergy is the most common cause of food-related death.

14:C The passage implies that it is not always easy to know which foods have traces of peanuts in them and that it’s important to make sure you know what you’re eating. This is hard or impossible if you share someone else’s food.

PSAT Mathematics Practice Test Answers

1:C 2/3 x 7/8 x 36/42 = 504/1008. In lowest terms, 504/1008 = 1/2.

2:D The total number of kids on the ski team is 16 + 24, or 40. The girls are 24/40 of the team or, expressed in lowest terms, 3/5.

3:E Each hour has 60 minutes, and each of those minutes has 60 seconds. Expressed in seconds, then, an hour is 60 x 60 = 3600. 400/3600 = 1/9.

4:C Distance = rate x time. Here, Roxana’s rate was 4 mph, and her time was 1.5 hours. Distance, therefore, is 6 miles. To determine how long it took Roxana to return, we solve the formula for time: 6 miles = 5mph x time. Distance/rate = 1 1/5 hours, or 72 minutes.

5. D

To solve 3(2x-10) = x, first multiply the left side out. 6x-30 = x. Therefore, 5x = 30, and x = 6.

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