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There are two kinds of Praxis exams. One kind, Praxis Core, is used at two stages of the teacher certification process. Many colleges and universities require applicants who are planning to major in education to take the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators Tests. This set of three tests (reading, mathematics, and writing) used to be known as Praxis I, but is now commonly referred to as the Praxis Core. Several states also use one or more of the Praxis Core tests to ensure that applicants for teaching licenses have a minimum level of general knowledge. The exams are offered on a regular basis throughout the year. They can be taken at many colleges and universities, and also at Prometric testing locations across the country. The Praxis Core website has all the information you’ll need about fees, dates, applying, fee waivers, scores, etc.

The other set of exams, known as Praxis Subject Assessments, or Praxis II, are not given by colleges and universities to incoming education degree seekers. Instead, they are given by state teacher licensing agencies in order to certify that an applicant has achieved a minimum level of ability in a particular subject. Although a few colleges and universities offer some Praxis II tests, they are generally taken at Prometric testing centers. For both Praxis Core and Praxis II, the paper testing format has been eliminated, and all tests are now taken on a computer (with the exception of the Braille and American Sign Language Subject Assessments).

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Each state has its own set of standards for the exams, such as which exams are required for which teaching positions, what the minimum passing grade is, and even the process of registering to take an exam. If you want to register for the Praxis II, 1) navigate to the ETS Praxis II main page, and 2) select the state in which you would like to teach from the dropdown menu on the left side of the screen. The web page will display the list of criteria and registration information specific to your state. You’ll also find all the information about fees, dates, scoring, etc., on the website.

Praxis Test Practice Questions

1. Which of these approaches to mathematics instruction is generally recognized as being the most effective?

  1. Students need to memorize formulas and follow standard procedures for problem solving.
  2. The use of mental math to solve complex problems should be discouraged.
  3. Pencil-and-paper drills should be the primary focus of math class.
  4. Students should be encouraged to solve problems in ways that make sense to them.

2. At Whiteley Elementary School, 60 percent of the 720 students are entering a nationwide essay contest. Which of the following computations can be used to determine how many students will be entering the contest?

  1. 720 * 0.60
  2. 3/5 * 720
  3. 1/60 * 720
  4. 720 – 40/100

3. Sara and her sister Kate are standing next to one another on the beach. Kate casts a shadow that is 32 inches long. Sara’s shadow is 16 inches longer than her sister’s. If Kate is 40 inches tall, how tall is Sara?

  1. 48 inches
  2. 52 inches
  3. 60 inches
  4. Not enough information is given.

4. What is the probability of drawing two consecutive aces from a deck of 52 cards?

  1. 2/52
  2. 1/104
  3. 3/104
  4. 1/221

5. A fifth-grade teacher assigns her students a new math problem to be solved by the end of the day. Which of these is the most effective method of assessing students’ work?

  1. Administering a standardized test
  2. Classroom observation
  3. Portfolio assessment
  4. Small group discussion

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