PRAXIS Practice Test Answers

1:D Each student is a unique individual, and different students may have different ways of conceptualizing the same problem. In the long run, allowing students to find their own ways of thinking about mathematics will make them better problem solvers. Mental math has an important role to play in everyday life. Memorization and drills also have their place, but they should not be the central focus in the classroom.

2:B The formula states that Part = Percent ´ Whole. Sixty percent equals .60, or 60/100, which can be reduced to 3/5. Thus the correct answer is 3/5 ´ 720.

3:C The relationship between Kate and her shadow is the same as the relationship between Sara and her shadow; that is, Kate/Kate’s shadow = Sara/Sara’s shadow. If Sara’s shadow is 16 inches longer than Kate’s, it is 48 inches long.

40 = x ; 32x = 1920 ; x = 1920/32 ; x = 60

32 48

4:D The chance of picking one of the four aces from a deck of 52 cards is 4/52. After the first ace has been picked, the chance of picking one of the three remaining aces from the remaining 51 cards in the deck is 3/51. The chances of both events occurring is

4/52 ´ 3/51 which equals 12/2652 or 1/221.

5:C Students should submit written samples of their work for the teacher to review on a daily basis. Standardized tests would not be appropriate for assessing the student’s understanding of the given task. As students are likely to work on the problems at different times, classroom observation would not be practical, and group discussions would not necessarily be useful for assessment purposes.

PRAXIS Practice Test Questions