MTEL Test Dates

The MTEL (Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure) is a collection of exams designed to determine a future educator’s ability to teach in Massachusetts. There are a wide variety of areas of competency, each with its own exam.

A word to the wise: try to avoid having to take the exam in July, as the majority of test centers lack air conditioning! Not all tests are administered on each of the test dates provided above. A complete list of MTEL exams, with their availability, can be found here.

Some of the exams may be taken on computer:

Communication and Literacy Skills (01): reading subtest, and Communication and Literacy Skills (01): writing subtest.

Registration for Paper-based Exams

Mail-in registration can be performed only up until the late registration deadline expires.
That means that the registration package must be postmarked on or prior to the deadline date, and the mail company needs to be able to deliver to a post office box.
Telephone registration can usually be done only after the late registration date passes.
However, if you have taken the MTEL previously, then you may register by phone at any time. All others should check the registration checklist before calling.
Phone: (413) 256-2892 or (866) 565-4894

MTEL Writing Practice Questions

These questions pertain to the following passage:

1Can life exist on other planets is the question. 2If the answer is to be found on another planet in our solar system, it will likely come in a form similar to life found here on Earth. 3Many forms of microbial life on this planet have evolved to live in extreme conditions. 4Microbial life forms that have evolved to survive extreme conditions are called extremophiles. 5It would not be surprising to find these species in the hostile environments found on other planets.

6An example of an extremophile is this: bacteria found in Lake Vostok in Antarctica. 7It is a frozen lake. 8The bacteria are stuck in the ice, but they continue to live. 9They turn metals in the ice into sugars just as plants turn carbon dioxide into sugars. 10The moons of Jupiter appear to contain frozen ice at temperatures similar to Lake Vostok. 11One can imagine there are microbes silently metabolize in those distant lands.

12Another extremophile lives near thermal vents on the ocean floor. 13These creatures can survive extreme heat. 14There is the heat from the planet’s innards. 15These creatures can also survive extreme pressure. 16The entire mass of the ocean is squeezing down on top of them. 17Such heat and pressure exists near the mantles likely of other planets.

18While it is possible that life on other planets resembles movie aliens, it seems more plausible that it looks like the microbial life living in Earth’s harshest climes.

1. Which of the following is the best revision of the underlined portion of sentence 4?

  1. Such forms of microbial life
  2. Bacteria, also known as microbes,
  3. It
  4. These microbes

2. Which of the following is the best way to combine sentences 6, 7, and 8?

  1. An extremophile example is the one living in the ice of Lake Vostok, a frozen lake in Antarctica.
  2. For example, the extremophile that lives in the frozen ice of Antarctica’s Lake Vostok.
  3. One extremophile lives frozen in the ice of Antarctica’s Lake Vostok.
  4. An example of the previously mentioned idea lives in a frozen lake in Antarctica, Lake Vostok.

3. Which of the following is the best way to combine sentences 13, 14, 15, and 16?

  1. These creatures can survive not only the extreme heat of the planet’s innards, but also the intense pressure created by the mass of ocean water.
  2. The heat of the planets innards is survivable by these creatures as the mass of the ocean is survivable.
  3. The extremophiles are able to both survive the heat of the planet’s innards and survive the extreme pressure created by the ocean’s mass.
  4. The bacteria can do two things: first, they can survive the heat created by the planet’s innards; second, they can withstand the pressure caused by the ocean’s mass.

4. Which of the following sentences contains a grammatical/ spelling error?

  1. Sentence 3
  2. Sentence 5
  3. Sentence 7
  4. Sentence 17

5. Which of the following verbs are used incorrectly?

  1. “found” in sentence 2
  2. “surprising” in sentence 5
  3. “metabolize” in sentence 11
  4. Choices A and B

MTEL Practice Test Answers