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If you are applying to graduate school and are particularly adept at deciphering analogies, the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) may be a great option for you.  Currently accepted by a number of graduate schools across the US, the MAT is a short, 60-minute, 120-question test that provides insight regarding the examinee’s analytical and logical reasoning abilities.  This is accomplished through a wide variety of analogy types, from semantic to classification, association, and logical/mathematical.  In addition, subject matter knowledge and reasoning in the following content areas are tested:

  1. General – culture, work, life experience, etc.
  2. Humanities – history, art, philosophy, etc.
  3. Mathematics – numerical, computation, etc.
  4. Language – word meanings, grammar
  5. Natural Sciences – biology, physics, etc.
  6. Social Sciences – psychology, economics, anthropology, etc.

Pearson’s has released a report regarding the correlation between success on the MAT test and success in graduate school. It is available in PDF format here. A closer look at what specific mental capabilities the MAT tests, how it tests them, and what bearing those capabilities have on graduate programs, is available here.

Test Centers Offering the MAT

Pearson has a posted PDF with the current listing of test centers that currently administer the MAT.  These are controlled testing centers (CTCs), and each of them has its own exam dates, times, and types.  Therefore, anyone interested in taking the MAT must decide a location before proceeding with scheduling. Registration is completed with each individual CTC.

Any questions regarding the test itself, locations, times, what to expect, etc. may be directed to the following contacts:

Mail: PSE Customer Relations - MAT
19500 Bulverde Rd., San Antonio, TX 78259

Phone: 800-622-3231


MAT Test Practice Questions


  1. punish
  2. rash
  3. considered
  4. poor


  1. through
  2. above
  3. within
  4. around


  1. Clinton
  2. Carter
  3. Reagan
  4. Obama


  1. hostile
  2. lithe
  3. determined
  4. unconditional


  1. ulna
  2. clavicle
  3. femur
  4. mandible

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