FTCE Practice Test Answers

1. C
Each coin has an equal probability of coming up heads or tails, so the probability of tails for each coin is ½. For two coins, the probability is ½ x ½ , or 1 in 4.

2. B
Let p = ‘Tom is a good teacher.’ Let q = ‘Tom cares about his students.’ The given statement says: If p, then q. The contrapositive, which is also true, says: If not q, then not p. Thus, if Tom does not care about his students, Tom is not a good teacher.

3. D
(7,x) represents the eighth point in this sequence. Thus, the corresponding x value equals 3  x 8, or 24.

4. D
The area of a parallelogram is equal to Base x Height. The height cannot be determined just by measuring the length of the four sides. More information is required.

5. C
The interior angles of any quadrilateral add up to 360 degrees. The other choices are only true of certain quadrilaterals.

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