CAHSEE Test Dates

The California Department of Education requires that all public high school students pass the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) before they are considered graduates and given their diploma. Beginning in grade ten, high school students take the CAHSEE, and continue to retake any sections they did not pass until they receive a passing grade on each section of the exam (Mathematics – 55% or above, and English language arts 60% and above).
The exam is offered on a bi-monthly basis, and each administration takes place over 2 days – Tuesday and Wednesday. There are some exceptions – see the table below for details.

Math Practice Questions

Scoring results are sent back to schools 7-8 weeks after the test date.

As a general rule of thumb, students who fail one or more sections of the CAHSEE may only schedule additional test dates after they have: 1) Had a chance to receive and review their grades; and 2) Had a sufficient period of time to prepare for the next exam date. For more rules about the conditions under which a student may retake a section or sections of the exam, please see the CAHSEE web site.

Additionally, the CAHSEE main page contains summary reports, program resources, questions and answers, administrative documents, and more information regarding state regulations and the test itself.