AEPA Test Dates

Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessment (AEPA) refers to the set of examinations that potential educators need to pass in order to certify for the given profession in Arizona public schools. There are a wide variety of examinations available, testing expertise and knowledge in subjects ranging from student knowledge (developmental understanding) to specific subject knowledge, basic skills, administrative understanding, and the relationship between the constitution of the US and that of Arizona.

You may take as many as two certifications on a given test date, provided that the two exams are administered at different times. Generally speaking, the subject tests are given in the morning, while basic skills and developmental understanding is tested in the afternoon. For the full list of tests, as well as testing times, see the AEPA Test Selection page.

For Earth Science, Reading Endorsement K-8, and Reading Endorsement 6-12, the score reports may be sent as many as two months late, beginning with the June exam’s score reports.

AEPA computer-based testing is available year-round, by appointment, Monday through Saturday (excluding holidays) at test centers across the country.

The Pearson AEPA program can be contacted via mail, telephone, fax, or by e-mail for administrative questions.

Mailing address:
Evaluation Systems
Post Office Box 660
Amherst, MA 01004-9011

Fax: (413) 256-7078 (registration cannot be completed by fax)

Inquiries regarding certification requirements, program policies, or which tests you need to take, either navigate to the Certification unit or send a letter by mail to:

Arizona Department of Education
Certification Unit
Post Office Box 6490
Phoenix, AZ 85005-6490