ACT Practice Test Answers

ACT English Practice Test Answers

1: C The restoration of the frescoes happened in the past (the 10th century), so the sentence verb should be in the past tense.

2: G The chapel is singular so the possessive form should have the apostrophe before the s.

3: D The subject of this sentence, the most recent restoration, is singular so the verb needs to be singular as well.

4: J The form of the verbs needs to be parallel.

5: A This sentence is correct as written.

ACT Math Practice Test Answers

1: D Remember to multiply out these equations using the order FOIL (first, outside, inside,

last). Using this approach, we get 4×2 + 8x – 3x – 6 or 4×2 + 5x – 6

2: A The absolute value of -4 squared is 16. The absolute value of -7 is 7. Therefore solve for the equation 16 + 7 – 2. The answer is 21

3: C If we represent sandwiches by x and drinks by y, we know that 2x + 6y = 8 and 3x + y = 8, or y = 8 – 3x. Solving the first equation for x, we can say that 2x + 6(8 – 3x) = 8. Thus 2x + 48 – 18x = 8, and 16x = 40. Thus x = $2.50

4: B Sarah used up 8 stickers by putting one on each page. She has 8 stickers remaining. Since every page now needs three stickers to be complete, divide 3 into 8 to see how many pages she can fill. 3 goes into 8 twice with a remainder of 2, so she can fill two pages completely full of stickers.

5: B 36/81 = x/100. 81x = 3600. x = approximately 44

ACT Reading Practice Test Answers

1. B The narrator notes that the lesson of the day was about the power of other people’s opinions to influence our own. It is clear the movie was included for this purpose.

2. H The narrator specifically says that he changed his rating of the movie after hearing the professor’s lecture.

3. D The narrator most likely included the description of the smile to suggest that things were not as they seemed to the students, and that the teacher had awareness of this.

4. F It is clear from the text that the accuracy of the claim that the movie got great reviews was not the subject of the class; the subject of the class that day was the effect of such claims on people who hear them. To give this lesson, the claim doesn’t need to be true; it just needs to be believed.

5. C

ACT Science Practice Test Answers

1. G The function of the coloration of the fish is the point of difference between the two scientists.

2. C According to Scientist 1, fish perceive color differently than humans do.

3. F Showy is the best synonym for flaunting as used in the passage.

4. C Scientist 2 does not compare fish to beetles.

5. G Scientist 1 claims that fish cannot discriminate yellow/green as well as humans can.

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